Work experience check

The work experience of a (potential) employee is checked with a reference check.

Work experience is not extensively evaluated by Validata

Validata only verifies factual information during a Work experience and reference check. A referee will never be asked about the performance of a (potential) employee in a certain position.

Additionally, Validata will never contact a referee by telephone to discuss the matter. On the few occasions that Validata will contact by telephone, it is simply to encourage the referee to complete and submit the online questionnaire. This only happens when Validata has not received a response after sending multiple reminders by email.

Notify referee for a quick processing time

To avoid delays, Validata advises (potential) employees to inform their referee before the reference check. From that moment on, the referee is aware of the fact that he or she can expect an email containing the link to the online questionnaire, from Validata,. If the answers are submitted on time, the Work experience and reference check can be completed quickly and included in the screening report.

Aanvraag background check en criminal record

Why conduct a Work experience check with Validata?

  • Validata addresses your concerns: As soon as the (potential) employee has appointed a referee, Validata takes the entire screening process off your hands. The referee is then asked to complete an online questionnaire based on factual information via a secure link.
  • Delivers fitting solutions: Does your organisation have specific questions that should be added to the standard questionnaire of the Work experience check? Validata can meet your needs and provide a suitable solution for every organsation.
  • Specialises in employment screening: Validata has specialised in employment screening since 2009. Due to our many years of experience, we offer a fast and efficient screening process that complies with current (privacy) laws and regulations.