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Validata checks the information on the CV of your candidates, so that you are sure of who you are hiring.

CV check as custom check

In addition, Validata offers organisations the opportunity to compare the content of a CV with parts of the screening report. In this case, a (potential) employee is asked to upload the CV in their personal online account, after which it can be assessed.

For example, your organisation can compare the diplomas and work experience that appear in the CV with the factual information that emerges from the Education check and Work experience check to see if there is amatch. This means, any deviations can be quickly detected.

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Employment screening met Validata

Why conduct a CV check via Validata?

  • Validata addresses your concerns: As soon as you have registered a (potential) employee and have chosen the matching screening profile, Validata takes the entire screening process off your hands. You can look into the results of the CV check, including the Education check and Work experience check, in the screening report.
  • Checks education and work experience: Validata checks both the education and work experience of a (potential) employee.
  • Specialises in employment screening: Validata hasspecialised in employment screening since 2009. Due to many years of experience, we offer a fast and efficient screening process that complies with current (privacy) laws and regulations.

Screen employees with Validata

The success of an organisation depends on havingthe right employees. Therefore, it is important to make sure you know who you are recruiting and retaining. Validata has created different screening profiles for each sector that can be supplemented as desired. In addition to the CV check, there are numerous other screening checks to choose from.

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